About Us


The Toto’s House team is made up of passionate and expert chefs who are dedicated to providing an exceptional dining experience. Their approach is to fuse the best of ancient Peruvian cuisine with modern techniques, using fresh and indigenous ingredients from the region. The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere and is located in Machu Picchu Pueblo, making it the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable meal while taking in the beauty of the mountains.

The Almenara Machupicchu Corporation S.A.C. is an organization dedicated to providing hotel and restaurant services in the district of Machupicchu – Cusco – Peru, committing to:

  • Satisfy the expectations of our clients, betting on a culture of quality based on values, principles, capacity and commitment of our collaborators.
  • Provide the best service to our clients, through timely planning of our services, extensive infrastructure and an effective operational control system.
  • Comply with the legal, normative and regulatory requirements applicable to our activities.
  • Address good environmental practices for the rational use of resources during the development of the organization’s activities.
  • Promote the continuous improvement of our processes through the Quality Management System, seeking innovation with efficiency and effectiveness.

PC-GC-01 Revision 01
April 3, 2023


Toto’s House began with the dream of providing a gastronomic experience on par with a wonder of the world, offering quality culinary products and services.


In the Almenara Machupicchu S.A.C Corporation. We provide quality and excellent services in the restaurant and hotel sectors, contributing to the experience and satisfaction of national and international tourists, integrating them into the ancestral culture of Machupicchu, under social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


To be a recognized hotel and restaurant chain at a national and international level, betting on innovation in its tangible and intangible infrastructure and the improvement of its main operational processes and others that improve the experience through a dynamic tourist experience.

Our history

Maintaining customs and embracing our roots, which are more than a pre-Columbian civilization. We preserve and embrace our roots, but we have been able to adapt to modernity to offer the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

No matter how simple one of our recipes may seem, it includes a great variety of cultures, harmony, essence and without a doubt, creativity. All these elements have made Toto’s House the best traditional restaurant in Machupicchu.